1C Mobile Platform: Licence Policy

Для Российской Федерации

1C:EnterpriseMobile Platform is a design tool to develop applications for mobile devices, included in the distribution kit of the 1C:Enterprise8 platform version 8.3 and later.

The mobile application design tools and the 1C:Enterprise8 mobile platform are included in the bulk supply of the 1C:Enterpriseplatform for development purposes. They are available to application developers legitimately owning the 1C:Enterprise 8.3 platform distribution at no additional cost. Read more in the explanatory letter No. 16733 dated 05/29/2013.

Licensing regulations for released solutions.

If a mobile application based on the 1C:Enterprise platform is distributed free of charge through AppStore, Google Play, and Windows Store application stores and by no other means, a license agreement with1Cis not required, in which event the developer have no financial obligations to1C.

Using of any method of monetization requires the conclusion of a license agreement with the1Ccompany, according to which, starting with the 60,001th ruble earned as a result of distributing the application (or the amount in dollars equivalent to 60,001 rubles if monetizing is not in rubles), the developer shall pay royalties to1Cin the amount of 10% of the application turnover. 

Licensing regulations for customized solutions.

To install and use mobile applications based on the 1C:Enterpriseplatform on the mobile devices of the employees, the organization must acquire a client license for the corresponding number of mobile workstations.

When installing several applications based on the 1C:Enterprise8 mobile platform, it is necessary to purchase a client license (picture preview) for mobile workstations for each of these applications.

The client license for mobile workstations is a document regulating the use of the 1C:Enterprise mobile platform on the number of mobile workstations specified in the license.

Details and cost of a client license for the Russian Federation, for other countries.

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